Mama Shelter Hotel

This hotel is located near the Kalemegdan fortress, on top of the shopping center.

The concept of this hotel is to give Belgrade, in addition to accommodation, the opportunity to have a good time.

The interior of this hotel is completely unusual for the appearance of a hotel with a series of interesting details that describe Belgrade and its history in miniature.

At the request of the designers, Trend had the interesting task of equipping the hotel, apart from the standard hotel program (curtains and blackout draperies), also with some other very interesting and unique details.

In the area around the reception, there are printed draperies with abstract, but at the same time recognizable symbols of the city of Belgrade. This long fabric, printed on both sides, has the task of simulating a wall that was deliberately left out in that place, and the door is tailored in the material as a passageway – the entrance to the Kalemegdan fortress. In places around the reception, and the restaurant area for all visitors (not just hotel guests), there are unique hand-embroidered cushions with flora and fauna motifs that indicate traditional motifs.

In one part of the restaurant, there is a “wall” made of strung wooden beads that Trend made exclusively for the needs of this hotel.

Furniture for upholstering garden and interior furniture, as well as interesting refrigerators for storing ice cream, are “dressed” in furniture that Trend ordered especially for this hotel.

For all those who love a good time, interesting places full of comfort and sensuality to which Trend contributed a lot, they should visit this very interesting hotel at the top of the shopping center in Rajićeva street.