Paketo mechanism

Paketo and panel mechanisms

First of all, we need to distinguish the difference between the two systems. The package mechanism allows vertical and panel horizontal movement.

Such mechanisms seem very simple; modern, and they find their application in almost all interiors, from classic to modern.

They are made to the desired measurements and according to the needs and requirements of the client, ie according to the interior. It is also very important to note that on these mechanisms are placed (neck and snake) a variety of interior fabrics (thin, breathable with or without a pattern, screen screens, fuller fabrics, and fabrics that make a complete blackout in space.)

The package of curtains that moves vertically with the help of a mechanism (a chain that is placed on one end of the “curtain”) gives a different impression of space in different ways of sewing, so we can recognize the mechanism sewn with rods (Picture 1), the mechanism without rods (Picture 2), or pleated (Picture 3).

When it comes to the panel, it can have a mechanism on the end of the curtain which moves the curtain in the given direction, and without that mechanism, the curtains move slightly in the desired direction, ie like on an American closet.