Roler & Zebra blinds

Roller shutters are systems with vertical movement. Their movement is enabled by a bead – a chain placed at one end of the system (the client determines the position of the chain to the left or right).

In the standard equipment, the bead – “pearl” is white, and in agreement with the client, the pearl can be metal or black.

It is very important to note that the blinds can also be electrically operated, and their movement is enabled by a button or remote control (one remote control can move several blinds at the same time).

Roller blinds are made of fibers that reflect all heat, and have anti-reflex protection, so as such they are very suitable for public or office buildings.

Zebra blinds

Due to their decorative nature, these systems are increasingly used every day. Zebra or day/night systems move vertically, with their minimal movement we get more or less light in space.

They are made of vinyl materials with transverse – horizontal fields where one field (stripe) is more, and the next field is less transparent or completely opaque.

Their vertical movement is enabled by the bead that is placed at one end of the system, and the client chooses the side on which the bead will be placed.

Due to the material, ie canvas, such systems are applicable in almost all rooms, even in those where there are a lot of moisture (bathrooms) or vapors (kitchens).

Trend offers a large selection of different designs, colors, and textures.