London Art – house of luxury wallpapers

One of the edgiest and most artistic companies in the world of wallpapers is definitely London Art.

This year the company is celebrating its 10 years anniversary.

LondonArt a modern wallpaper has to combine design, practicality, and materials. The distinctive trait of a wallpaper is to be a contemporary and custom-made element able to satisfy space, covering, and design needs.

LondonArt is all of this: we studied and created sartorial wallpaper and handcrafted works for an unmatched design product.

London Art brand’s identity is a combination of fashion, graphic elements, and architecture. Materials, fabrics, aesthetics, and decoration match functional capacity for striking, outstanding, and balanced results at the same time.

Contemporary demands turned LondonArts wallpaper into a sheer furnishing element, specific and on-demand – tailored and out of standards – that easily satisfies interior designers’ and architects’ needs.

 LondonArt is contemporaneity: an international sight in an artisanal soul: the name “Londonart” recalls the essence of art and design through decoration. Every space can become furniture thanks to a product that transforms spaces by dressing up surfaces.

 LondonArt is practicality:

A new concept of furniture that customizes rooms with a concrete offer that solves the empty spaces problem by adapting itself to every situation.

 LondonArt is art:

Patterns are wisely created by our designers’ artists, architects, illustrators, tattoo artists, and stylists. They put hands, eyes, and ideas together with inspiration and metropolitan mood to offer multiple solutions and designs.

Their latest collection is the collaboration with Disquared2.

Dsquared2, expanding its lifestyle vision, launches its first wallpaper collection, co-created with luxury wallpaper manufacturers LondonArt.

The collection is printed with the brands’ iconic motifs, and each design features a distinctive code.